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Ceramic coating

A ceramic coating can provide that extra protection by binding with the car paint. It works as a sacrificial layer by bearing all the brunt of things like sun damage, dirt, salt, grime, tree sap, bird dropping, and many other contaminants.

Ceramic coating is alternatively known as a ‘nanotechnology glass coating’ or quartz coating. It generally consists of silica dioxide – a solid, glass-like polymer. The depth and hardness of the polymer are what provide your car with durable protection.

Why Does Your Vehicle Need Ceramic Coating?

  • Paint Protection. The ceramic coating protects a car’s paint. Ceramic coating locks the shine and helps enhance the colors.
  • Durability. As ceramic coatings act as a shield against anything that may happen while driving, your car surface will be more durable.
  • Easy to Clean. When your car has less dirt or grime accumulated on its exterior because it repels water-based dirt, it becomes easy to clean. The smooth texture of ceramic coating ensures dirt or grime doesn’t get a chance to stick to your car, making it simpler for you to clean and wash. Loose dirt is easier to wash off and once you get your car in the garage, you’ll spend less time scrubbing the car.
  • Shiny & Glossy Look. Getting a shiny and glossy look is probably the most obvious quality of ceramic coating in a car. While ceramic coating provides you with all types of protection and functionality, it also substantially elevates the look of your car's exterior. If you want to keep that fresh brand new look of your car for longer, there are very few options other than a ceramic coating.
  • Cost-Effective. While ceramic coating might seem like a costly venture for your car maintenance, the investment is well worth the years it serves your car.
  • Protection from Chemical Stain. A ceramic coating protects the clear coat of car paint, making it less susceptible to damage from all the natural chemicals
  • Scratch-Resistant, While a complete scratch-proof protective layer is near impossible, a ceramic coating can still provide your car some well-needed protection against light scratches, such as those from a bush or branches.
  • Sun Damage and Oxidation. A ceramic coating acts as a protective shield against the sun’s UV rays, protecting your car’s paint from damage.
  • Water-Repelling Qualities. Water sports are the worst for car owners and ceramic coating prevents this.
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