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We offer affordable and professional aircraft detailing, jet detailing, airplane detailing and helicopter detailing to corporate or private clients. We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction and superior service. Our technicians are specially trained to restore your aircraft back to its original luster. We cater to private and corporate helicopter and jet clients with the most demanding needs and schedule. We offer the following quick turn detailing services for the interior and exterior of the aircraft.
The Facts about Aviation detailing
The virtually unrecognized industry of aircraft detailing is no longer just about having a clean airplane to show off to your friends and family. A new wave of aircraft detailing has begun to develop – an industry that not only focuses on maintaining the appearance of your aircraft, but also utilizes products and techniques that truly preserve and enhance the value and performance of the aircraft.
Having your aircraft detailed on a regular basis by experienced professionals will do a number of things:
First, professional detailing has been known to actually enhance aircraft performance. It has been claimed that on larger aircraft, clean paint can make the aircraft travel an average of 4 knots faster than when dirty. The removal of dirt and grease, especially from the belly, may reduce drag, enabling you to reduce fuel consumption.
 Secondly, regular detailing services can also extend the life of paint and leather up to five to ten years. Paint sealing services shield aircraft paint from corrosion and color fading which results from exposure to U.V. rays.
Thirdly, regular leather care eliminates the cracking and fading that occurs in aircraft leathers, making expensive cosmetic refurbishing of the leather obsolete.
lately, regular detailing services may increase the re-sale value of your aircraft by up to ten percent.
 With these statistics, it’s surprising that many aircraft owners still think of aircraft detailing as an unnecessary luxury, and remain unwilling to spend the money to have their aircraft professionally detailed. Often, the only time that owners consider detailing services is right before they intend to sell the aircraft, which may be too late to really help the re-sale value. However, statistics show that having your aircraft maintained professionally, both mechanically and cosmetically, can actually save you money in the long run.
The prosess of detailing
The De-Ice boots are first treated with PBS prep to dissolve and remove all oxidation and previous treatments. The surface is wiped clean and PBS boot sealant is applied leaving the leading edge surface fully protected and looking great with a deep glossy appearance.
We take great pride in our aircraft metal polishing abilities. Jetstream’s “Skai” metal polish cuts easily through the heavy oxidation that accumulates on the exterior aircraft metal. After buffing out all polish and oxidation we then apply and buff a coat of Jetstream’s “mirror image” anti-oxidizing swirl remover that leaves the aircraft metal with a brilliant mirror-like finish as the name suggests.
Our paint sealing system will truly do wonders for the life of your aircraft’s paint. Paint sealant is applied once the aircraft is completely cleaned and is used to produce a clear hardened shield between your aircrafts newly cleaned paint and the outside elements. The sealant that we used actually bonds to the paint on a molecular level instead of just laying on top of the paint as many waxes or paint sealants do.
Our sealant contains Acrylic Polymer blends, which creates a negative charge when applied. This causes an exchange of electrons to occur between the product and the surface that it is being applied to. This in turn creates a long lasting covalent bond, which turns our sealant into a hardened glass shield on top of your paint, resulting in a deeper, richer, and longer lasting shine.
Each gear well is cleaned by hand to perfection. Our gear well service eliminates the buildup of grease and grime that can gather in your gear wells over time. This is often an area of the aircraft that is over looked but it is a very important area to maintain for your aircraft’s well-being.


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